Project Updates


Tuesday, Aug 09 2022 @ 11am-12:30pm ET – Our findings on the formal and informal practices of emergency management will be presented by Tuna Hayirli during the “Organizing for Resilience: How to Organize in a World of Adversity and Flux” showcase symposium at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Please see below for updates on the presentation:

Wednesday, Oct 27 2021 @ 12:30-2pm ET – Masha Kuznetsova will present results from our study, “The Two Sides of Hospital Emergency Management: Balancing Formal and Informal Practices During Crisis,” at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. A virtual option will also be offered. Details can be found here:

Friday, Aug 27 2021 at 1-2pm ET – An overview of our latest research findings will be presented by Dr. Atkinson in a webinar titled “Navigating the Next Crisis: Research Insights for Effective Healthcare Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World” for the American College of Healthcare Executives. Registration is free to the public:


  1. Mariam Krikorian Atkinson, Nicholas V. Cagliuso, John L. Hick, Sara J. Singer, Elizabeth A. Bambury, Tuna Cem Hayirli, Masha Kuznetsova, and Paul D. Biddinger. “Moving Forward from COVID-19: Organizational Dimensions of Effective Hospital Emergency Management.” Health Security (2021) ahead of print. DOI: 10.1089/hs.2021.0115. Link to the publication
  2. Mariam K. Atkinson, John L. Hick, Sara J. Singer, Nicholas V. Cagliuso, and Paul D. Biddinger. “Do Rural Hospitals Have an Advantage During a Pandemic?” Health Affairs Forefront, March 22, 2022. Link to publication


  1. Tuna C. Hayirli, Masha Kuznetsova, Elizabeth A. Bambury, Paul D. Biddinger and Mariam K. Atkinson. “Developing Resilience in Crisis: The Role of Formal and Informal Mechanisms.”
  2. Mariam K. Atkinson, Paul D. Biddinger, Mah-Afroze Chughtai, Nicholas V. Cagliuso, John L. Hick, Tuna Cem Hayirli, and Sara J. Singer. “Validated Measures for Formal and Informal Aspects of Organizational Leadership and Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic: the HERO-36.”
  3. Mariam K. Atkinson, Mah-Afroze Chughtai, and Paul D. Biddinger. “Outcomes of Organizational Leadership and Management During Crisis Using the HERO-36 Scale.”
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